Enjoy your perfect event with us

Be it a birthday party or an outdoor picnic, our team can plan and organise any kind of inner-circle celebration for you. Our events are hand-crafted memories, created with professionalism, hospitality and hedonistic philosophy in heart.

To make every moment magic, we develop a vibrant seasonal menu and assemble a thematic decoration set. All the organisation, from shopping to clean-up, will be taken care of.

For the menu, we use ingredients harvested at the peak of the season and supplied by trusted farmers. We offer fine dining with wine pairing options, exclusively provided by local Catalan wineries with generations of history.

Our delectable recipes are devised by a skilful chef team with diverse expertise – united to craft  personalised menus of irrefutable allure.

We invite you to an exclusive immersive experience, where artful flavour palettes and textures flawlessly harmonise with the decorations. Enjoy the taste of pure hedonism with Mollo Catering. 

Our team:

Olga Koroleva

Founder of the Mollo Catering. Over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including launching and managing multiple restaurants. Olga started making her signature aesthetic dinners in 2019. Ever since then, she fell in love with the utmost beauty and pure hedonism of conceptual catering.

Olga says: “Our project is all about the wonderful team behind it. I’m proud of the people who are working and collaborating with me”.

Dmitry Dudin

Executive chef and restaurant consultant, founder and partner of multiple hospitality projects. Dmitry helps to launch and develop restaurants all over the world. Cooking is his artistic form of self-expression.

Dmitry says: “Each cooking ingredient has its own unique characteristics. I create every recipe by carefully revealing the full potential of vivid flavors and subtle nuances.”

Leila Dzhafarova

Queen of gastronomic services, the best you could ever find. Leila has a broad working experience with famous catering companies in Barcelona, and even during the hottest season in Ibiza. She takes inspiration from the events she works for.

Leila says: “I’m deeply inspired by the events I help to create and by falling in love with my team’s work”.

Olga Velikaia

Talented decorator, experienced in working with interior design and gastronomy projects, including Kinfolk events. Anything becomes art in her hands. Olga’s creativity and special ability to see the beauty in simple things unite in a symbiosis that makes everything magic.

Olga says: “For me, to decorate is to improve the space and the atmosphere. Even the smallest aesthetic details can completely change how you perceive the location. I take inspiration from working with different materials, colors and shapes”.


Price is an integral stage of event planning process.

Catering Formula
Fourchette Menu
Wine Pairing


Mar 15, 2023
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Mozzarella
Mar 11, 2023
Coconut Yogurt Dessert
Mar 07, 2023
Marinated Raw Salmon
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